Executive Team

Executive Team

RMIT Journalism Society

Meet the 2023 Journalism Society executive team below!

Lily Kristanto - President


Lily uses her extensive student leadership and event planning experience to facilitate connection in RMIT's community.

She says: "I feel there is a need for community within this course, and I would love to be a part of making that a reality.  I have a wide variety of ideas for events and opportunities for students."

Metissa Ayria - Vice President

Metissa brings college leadership and youth group facilitation experience to the society.  She's also an active music student!

She says: "I'll continue to advocate for the society as a community space within this course, where media and communication students can collaborate and bring their talents and ideas to the table."

Jack Ward - Admin & Treasurer


Jack Ward is no stranger to community revival.  He was named Youth Journalism International's 2020 Student Journalist of the Year for providing news coverage to Ararat residents after its local paper closed.

Oliver Winn - Communications Director


Musician Oliver Winn brings lengthy experience in online engagement, building large followings for two community interest pages.  Winn also facilitates the social media presence of his band The Valiants.