Publishing & Portfolio Opportunities

Publishing & Portfolio Opportunities

RMIT Journalism Society

An essential part of journalism is getting published and building your portfolio - That's why the society has partnered with RMIT-backed, RUSU-supported and community media outlets to build members' portfolios.

The Swanston Gazette

The Swanston Gazette is the Journalism Society affiliated university publication. TSG publishes pieces on its online, student-led website as well as printing several print editions throughout the year. In addition, TSG also produces a weekly podcast 'The Swanston Rundown' available on Spotify. The Swanston Gazette's section editors accept pieces covering student life, politics, sport, culture, music, fashion, food and the arts.  Its chief editors also accept longer form feature articles and opinion editorials.  In particular, its editors seek to represent the diversity and whole story of the university.

"I strive to use my writing as a tool to help amplify minority voices," says Chief Editor Sofia Jayne.  "The RMIT student cohort is incredibly diverse, with students coming from all different backgrounds, each of us have a unique story to tell."

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Catalyst magazine has been printed and distributed on campus since 1944, and has since expanded into online articles and podcasting.  Its editors are seeking pitches of 500 to 1,000-word colour stories, culture reviews, feature articles and opinion editorials.  Catalyst is also on the lookout for more news writers to cover what’s happening around RMIT and issues in the national sphere affecting students.

In 2023, its editors plan to expand Catalyst's news coverage further by appointing news officers to its volunteer committee.

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The City Journal

The City Journal publishes online pieces produced by RMIT Journalism students.  It has been run by university faculty since 1999 and was launched as its current iteration in 2008.  Regular opportunities to publish coursework throughout students' journalism program studies include broadcast reporting, data journalism and podcast assessments.  The City Journal also exists as a platform for students' other work.

Journalism students may submit pieces outside of assessments developed for The City Journal for approval by their course coordinators.

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RMIT Sports Media

RMIT Sports Media broadcasts and publishes reporting on RMIT, UniNationals and local sporting events.  Volunteer roles are available across print, broadcast, and digital platforms for journalists, presenters, commentators, writers and photographers.  Contributors may take up travel opportunities, work with RMIT’s established partners and elite athletes to build their professional industry networks and portfolio.

"We look forward to getting plenty of journalists down to our events this season," says Digital Engagement Officer Michael Serpell.

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Fashion Avenue

Fashion Avenue publishes FEED DOG magazine, a monthly publication distributed online and on campus.  Its editors are seeking pitches from emerging journalists with a strong voice or sense of humour.  Pieces on fashion, culture and lifestyle ranging from 600-word articles to 1500-word features are accepted.  Pitches sent in the first two weeks of each month are considered for the following month's print edition.

“It’s a great way to meet fashion industry people, like designers and creative directors,” says Editor in Chief Daniel Mizzi.  “We also get accredited, so there’s opportunities to get into VIP events.”

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SYN Media

SYN Media broadcasts and publishes radio and podcasts created by contributors under 26.  It runs a two-part training program developing  participants' radio announcing and broadcast journalism competencies - co-developed with the Journalism Society.  Inducted volunteers may pitch seasonal programs for broadcast and contribute to SYN Media's local news, politics, sport, health and culture flagship shows.

“Young people have been telling their stories at SYN for more than 20 years," says Community Manager Jake Stevens, "and I’m delighted that we’re fostering new relationships to make news and current affairs an attractive offering to the next generation of journalists in Melbourne.”

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RMITV broadcasts community television productions from RMIT's TV studios and publishes culture review blog In Review.  It facilitates various pathways into the Victorian film and television industry, with volunteer writing and production opportunities available year-round.  RMITV's members are the creative and logistical force behind its productions, writing for non-fiction, news, comedy, drama broadcasts.

In 2022, RMITV engaged the Journalism Society to facilitate news content production for live election night broadcast #VicVotes.

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