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Mates: Ritual & Mindfulness workshop 10am

Join Lauren Trend from Self Practice for a mini Ritual & Mindfulness Online Workshop

Mates: Play with Clay - DIY Kit

Join our Mates & Claytime to finally make that clay masterpiece you've always wanted to make

Mates: In the Garden 1 - Online workshop by CERES

Presented by CERES, will help you prepare for growing vegetables this spring, whether you have a large, small or balcony garden.

Mates: In the Garden 2 - Gardening in small spaces

Transform a balcony, courtyard, patio or windowsill into a hugely productive garden.

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Discover the vibrant arts scene on your campus, including performing and visual arts, design, film and funding opportunities.

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UniSport Nationals

Compete against students from around Australia at national sporting events.

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