Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

For a mere $10 annual membership fee, we offer tremendous benefits and opportunities for a diverse range of students.

For Anyone who likes Attending Fashion Shows

- discounted tickets to our VAMFF Offsite Runway Show
- Enquire about opportunities to assist front of house or back of house at our upcoming VAMFF Offsite Runway Show

For Anyone who is Looking for Modelling Experience:

- Enquire about our casting for the VAMFF Offsite Runway Show in March!

For students from the School of Fashion and Textiles

- event planning consultation for your graduation show*
- assistance with tax deductible receipts for fundraising donations to graduation shows*
- financial storage for class fundraising with the Catwalk Club bank account*
- promotion of your work through our fashion magazine
- opportunities to promote of your work through our VAMFF Offsite Runway show (Selection process applies)
- opportunities to offer or seek fashion design tutoring with other fashion design students
- opportunities to network and collaborate with students from other programs

*All students in your class must be Catwalk Club members

For Photography Students

- promotion of your photography services to fashion students needing to shoot their work for assessments
- opportunities to be published and promoted in our fashion magazine**
- opportunities to be a photographer at our VAMFF Offsite Runway Show**

**TFP basis only


For Journalism/Media Students

- opportunities to be published in our fashion magazine
- opportunities to write for our VAMFF Offsite Runway Show

For Engineering Students:

Ever considered doing a wearable tech collaboration with a fashion design student?

For IT/Gaming Students:

Explore your interest in 3D virtual prototyping skills for fashion design by meeting a fashion design student with experience and skills in this area.