Fashion Tutoring

Fashion Tutoring

Thank you for your interest in fashion design tutoring!

The Catwalk Club acts as an intermediary between those offering tutoring in fashion design  to those seeking such services. We are currently offering a vetting and listing service for qualified tutors in relevant subjects for other members relating to fashion design. Please note there is a introduction fee of $10 for each party for each new introduction that will go to the Catwalk Club.

‚ÄčTo be considered qualified for tutoring, applicants must be able to:

- Demonstrate a high degree of competency in the specified field/subject through academic transcripts/ formal qualifications

- Demonstrate solid oral and written interpersonal communication skills and cultural sensitivity to sufficiently address the needs of the student in a responsible and professional manner

- Formal teaching qualifications are not necessary but prioritized

Important Conditions of Use

All parties must adhere to University Policy regarding Plagiarism at all times. 

Tutoring fees/schedules, etc. are not arranged by The Catwalk Club.

All parties must be registered Catwalk Club members for 2018.

Sessions must be on campus.

Please complete the Tutor Application Form if you wish to be in the Catwalk Club Tutor Listing for 2018.

Please email us at if seeking a tutor for your studies.