Kung Fu Club

Kung Fu Club

Want a better way to be active, build confidence and stay focused? Join the RMIT Kung Fu club today and surpass your limits!


IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, training and other events are currently suspended until further notice at all RMIT University sports clubs.
Please keep in touch and we will update you with more information as it occurs

Further Information Regarding the COVID-19 pandemic
The health and safety of our members is extremely important to us. As such, training is suspended until further notice. Training will resume when we are able to enact steps that will allow us to minimise the risk to our members. We are currently developing plans to increase the protection to our members, and more information will be forthcoming as it arises.

Are you looking to develop your confidence? Improve your health and fitness, and learn self-defence while staying calm? Improve your ability to focus and concentrate? The RMIT Kung Fu club can help you achieve these in a fun and social environment.

Formed in 1975, the RMIT Kung Fu club has a long and proud tradition of excellence in martial arts instruction. Classes are expertly supervised by highly qualified instructors from the Barry Pang Kung Fu Schools.

Our Head Instructor Sifu Barry Pang is the ‘Pioneer of Kung Fu’ in Australia and is the recipient of the Blitz Hall of Fame Kung Fu Tribute Award; the most prestigious award in Australia today. His wife Anne Pang is the only female to be inducted into the Blitz Hall of Fame with a Tribute Award, with unparalleled experience as a Women's Self Defence Instructor and Australasian Kung Fu Champion.

Both Barry and Anne are Registered Coaches by the Australian National Council and are Licensed Martial Arts Instructors by the Martial Arts Board.

New members are able to try the first 3 lessons for FREE, so what are you waiting for? Come along to a class and see for yourself just what you could do!

Mondays: 6:30 - 8:30 pm
(NOTE: Training currently on hold due to COVID-19 pandemic).

Building 8, level 3, Activity Space #2 (08.03.25)
See the Training location page for further details.

- Whole year RMIT student: $95
- Whole year non-RMIT student: $170
- One semester RMIT student: $50
- One semester non-RMIT student: $85
- Early Bird discount (RMIT students only) $5 off when signing up in 1st week of each semester.
- Introduce a new member to the club and receive another $5 back on your membership!

Zhi Cai
Mobile: 0466 548 282
Email: kungfurmit@gmail.com

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We host Kung Fu movie night throughout the year!

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