Have fun, stay healthy, and make new friends exploring Melbourne with the RMIT Cycling Club.


Formed in August 2014, the RMIT Cycling Club is always looking for new members to join in the enjoyment of Cycling. Whether you are a competitive cyclist, a daily commuter, or just a social / recreational cyclist, the RMIT Cycling Club has opportunities for you. It's one thing to enjoy riding alone, but our objective is to allow you to meet a group of other like-minded individuals and enjoy cycling together.

Our purpose is to get people riding together.
Whilst it's great to be an amazing cyclist - not all of us are, nor want to be. The smile after a ride, the satisfaction of pushing just a little bit further, the enjoyment of meeting others who you can head out with, the comfort of knowing that there are others out there looking out for you - that's what this club is about. That's what being a truly amazing cyclist involves.
There's no competition, no world championship points - just fun. Especially from those endorphins buzzing around from both exercise and making connections with people.

The club will mostly be hosting recreational rides, some training rides, and trips that combine the two. We'll have a monthly social event (BBQ/meal/film/workshop/who knows?).
We'll also be participating in iconic Melbourne events like MS Melbourne Cycle, Around the Bay in a Day and whatever other events you'd like to be involved in.

What and When:
Throughout the semester we'll offer:

  • Regular social and training rides
  • Regular social events
  • Rider training and skill improvement workshops (usually incorporated in our social rides).

And the opportunity for any member to start up something new - get in touch and we'll see what we can do to assist.

(Click to see our Calendar of Events)

The majority of rides will depart from the City campus (usually from the Bld 51 Bike Hub) and cycle the local Melbourne area. Albert Park is our go-to place for local training rides as it allows people of all skill levels to ride freely for a lap or 3 and still get back to the Uni as one group. Social rides often take in parts of the CBD and surrounding areas, but we're open to more places.

Trail rides can be undertaken at the Kew Boulevard (as can Road-Training rides) or Plenty Gorge (next to the Bundoora Campus).

Overnight rides may utilise the (regulated-gradient) Lilydale to Warburton Rail-trail (with the potential for the die-hards to do a hill-climb up Mt Donna Buang).

What Else?
- We often get Giveaways - such as Stolen Bicycles Australia Bike ID kits (to act as a deterrent to thieves, and to recover your bike when it gets found again) or free entry to fundraising rides.
- Subsidies for entry fees for Fundraising events (MS Cycle and Around the Bay).
- Tips about how to and where to ride - from locals who have been doing it here for quite a while.
- A few bikes that can be borrowed for our scheduled rides.

- RMIT Students: $20
- Non-RMIT Students: $30

- Contact the club for more information. We're only too happy to answer your questions. And happier to get you out on a bike with us :)



Flemington Racecourse, Melbourne

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