5-Week Training Schedule

5-Week Training Schedule

RMIT Cycling

This schedule is designed for less-experienced riders (or those returning to cycling after a little time away) and will prepare you for the longer rides (including the Warburton 3-Day Trip) we have planned.
More experienced riders can find suitable training plans by searching "cycling training plan" in your favourite search engine.

Week 1 (2x20 minutes)

Your main focus in the first week should be to make sure your bike is ready and safe to ride and then go out for 2 short rides.
Take your bike to your local bike shop and book in for a service if you are not confident doing a bike inspection on your own.
As for the rides, find your local park and ride on the cycling paths for about 20 minutes each ride. Stay at a comfortable pace, pay attention to what is around you and enjoy your ride. Allow a couple of days between rides for your muscles to recover.

Pro Tip: Always tell a friend or a family member you are going for a ride and what time you plan to return.
Pro Tip 2:There are many free apps that can track your activity and record your route, distance and speed. Look for
Strava, Ride with GPS or MapMyRide on your phone app store.

Week 2 (2x30 minutes + RMIT Sunday Social Ride)

Getting started is sometimes the hardest part. Well done for making it to Week 2! Your focus this week is to go out for 2 rides of 30 minutes each and join our Sunday Social Ride. Remember to stay away from main roads or busy streets. The best place to improve your cycling abilities is at the park and on cycling trails near your home.

Week 3 (2x30 minutes + 1x50 minutes)

Now that you have been out on your bike a few times, you can start increasing the ride's duration.
Before going for your ride, you should go through a quick bike check. This video easily teaches important things to look for: "Ride ready in five minutes: ABCDQ check"
Take two short rides of approximately 30 minutes each and one longer ride of 50 minutes. 

Week 4 (3x40 minutes)

At this stage, you are probably more confident in your bike handling skills and can keep on riding for longer.
Be careful not to overestimate your cycling ability and keep on paying attention to what is around you and your bike.
Take three rides of 40 minutes this week as a way to keep up the riding frequency. Another good way to get some time on your bike is by commuting to work or uni.

Week 5 (1x50 minutes + 2x30 minutes)

This is the week leading up to the Warburton Trip. It's suggested to take a long ride at the start of the week, around 50 minutes, and going out for two short rides, around 30 minutes, later in the week. This rides should be at a comfortable pace. Take the chance to explore what is your favourite cadence/pace to ride on the trip day. It's also important not to overload if you are not used to 

Now that you have the momentum it's time to enjoy the adventure with other members.