CRITICAL- A Cultural Criticism Network

CRITICAL- A Cultural Criticism Network

Formation, First Site Gallery. Artists: Charlotte Dayman, Zamara Lee Robison, Zoe Bastin, Stephanie Granlund

Formation, First Site Gallery. Image Credit Sarah Lay

CRITICAL: A Cultural Criticism Network is a program for students interested in contemporary arts, writing and exhibitions.

With a series of monthly workshops, conversations, art excursions, panel discussions and playful approaches to art theory, CRITICAL is open to all students, whether you are a creative writer or interested in journalism, it encourages peer learning, giving an insight and experience in writing about art, and will allow you to add published work to your folio.

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CRITICAL- Creating a vibrant cultural community that transcends disciplines....

The program aims to engage students in interdisciplinary arts criticism discourses: from ficto-criticism, discourses on hybrid creative practices, investigating "the other" in criticism to looking at social media as an experimental platform for criticism. CRITICAL will run a series of monthly panel discussions and forums from industry professionals, in addition to a series of fun and experimental workshops and field trips. CRITICAL aims to foster social and creative networks amongst students from a variety of disciplines, recognising collaborative practice and peer support as crucial to the careers of young arts practitioners working in a volatile arts landscape. But you don't have to be studying or working in the arts to be involved, you might simply be interested in art, or want to find a way to strengthen and diversify your writing portfolio. 

Whilst anyone may attend the free workshops and forums, specifically, CRITICAL will have the capacity to pay engaged students from within the program to write pieces on a variety of platforms, such as RMIT's student magazine: CatalystThe writing students focus on may take several different formats, from critical essays, journalistic reviews, to experimental ekphrastic fiction.  Student’s work may also take the format of: Podcasts, interviews, critical social media posts: ie, on Instagram or Facebook.

Shortly a timetable will be released for the program.

For more information please email Katie Paine,

OR, to get in the mood, you can read work from the 2016 CRITICAL program here