First Site Gallery

First Site Gallery

First Site is RMIT’s gallery for students. We are located at Storey Hall Basement, 344 Swanston Street, Melbourne.

Address     First Site Gallery                    Opening hours            Tuesday-Friday, 11am-5pm
                   Storey Hall Basement            Exhibition Openings   Every second Tuesday, 5-7pm
                   344 Swantston Street            Artist talks                   Every second Friday, 1pm
                   Melbourne, Australia           


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First Site Gallery is our student art gallery with new exhibitions opening every two weeks throughout every semester.

If you are interested in having a show, there are two rounds of applications a year, in May and October.

Applications to exhibit at First Site Gallery in Semester 1, 2018 close at 5pm, Friday 20 October 2017.

You do not have to be studying an art course to apply for a show; applications from all RMIT students are welcome.

Application process

Your application will include

  1. At least one current student who will act as the applicant. If there are no current RMIT students in your proposed show please contact Simon Pericich, First Site Gallery curator
  2. 15 or so .jpegs per application (saved as: Image #, your name, title, date) which will be uploaded to Wetransfer and the link shared in your application.

(It is better to show your best and relevant work only)

  1. An accompanying slide list; labelled as: Image #, Artists Name, Title of Work, Dimensions, Date. (Please note which works are past, in progress or will be in the actual proposed show in .doc format)
  2. A promotional image for the invitation, portrait format 10.6 x 11.1 cm @ 300 DPI + 3mm bleed
  3. A one-page CV for each artist (.doc) (if multiple CVs, combine into one document)

Selection Criteria

A panel of 5 arts specialists will use the following criteria to evaluate your submission:

  • RMIT student participation
  • Artistic merit
  • Clarity and viability of proposal
  • Innovation and originality
  • Technical competence

Project description

Clearly describe your work, including materials and construction, dimensions, and how it will be installed in the gallery.

Outline what, if any, gallery resources you intend to use during your exhibition.

Outline underlying concepts of your exhibition as clearly as possible.

Do try and describe your show as simply as possible. There's no requirement for quotes from other artists/writers/critics or for you to use art theory jargon.

The panel will make decisions solely on what is provided in your application - it's best to assume they will not have seen your work previously.

Support material

High quality digital images should be supplied in .jpg format. Files that don't open won't be considered.

Label all your attachments. If applicable include a proposed floor plan (PDF 2.66mb).

Identify artwork that is intended for the exhibition and distinguish it from examples of previous work or work in progress. It's better to be concise and coherent with visuals. Don't include numerous examples that are unrelated to your proposed exhibition. If you haven't yet created the work for exhibition, include examples of your previous work. Do not send original artworks.

If your application is successful

Install takes place on the Monday and Tuesday before your show opens (10am - 5pm).

First Site Gallery's floors and ceilings are heritage listed. Any proposed attachments must be resolved in a sensitive fashion.

The gallery walls are made of 25mm MDF and may be nailed or screwed.

During your install you will meet the other exhibiting artists and are expected to organise an invigilation roster for the gallery.

De-install is on the Saturday following your show (11am).

The gallery must be returned to its original condition or your bond will be forfeited. (See the price table below for more on the bonds.)

Support available

Curatorial and installation support from the First Site Gallery Curator and Installation Technician.

Promotion on First Site’s Facebook page, in Art Almanac and Art Guide and through RMIT’s communication channels.

Design and printing of exhibition invitations.

Bar staff during opening night.

Help with your application on request.

Exhibitor's responsibilities

All exhibitors are required to give an informal one-hour floor talk, held at 1pm on the second Friday of their show.

Exhibitors are responsible for the distribution of invitations, additional publicity and any catering (including refreshments) provided at the opening night event. All associated costs are to be borne by the exhibitors.

Any additional publicity must include the RMIT Link logo and acknowledge RMIT Link Arts & Culture.

The cost of additional materials required to install artworks is to be borne by the exhibitors.

Exhibitors are responsible for all money handling from sales of artworks.

Artists will be required to record attendance to the gallery.

General conditions

First Site Gallery is not an assessment space for your course work.

Only work that has not been previously exhibited in First Site will be accepted.

Only one solo exhibition per artist per year will be granted.

In the case of applications to the individual gallery spaces, the committee has full discretion matching exhibitions.

Feedback on unsuccessful applications will be available upon request.

Gallery Prices 2017


RMIT Student


External Artist

Refundable Bonds

Gallery 1 + 2 + 3





Gallery 1 + 3





Gallery 1





Gallery 2





Gallery 3





Prices are subject to variation. Fees include GST. Exhibitions are subsidized by RMIT Link Arts & Culture. First Site Gallery primarily facilitates current students of RMIT. Payment is made via eftpos or credit card only and in the circumstance of Group Exhibitions must be paid using one account only.

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For more information or to discuss project ideas, contact Simon Pericich – Curator, First Site Gallery.

Brought by RMIT Arts and Culture.

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