Our club is devoted to creating a fun and welcoming space for all students who share the same common passion and interest for Korean Pop Music & Korean Culture.

The RMIT K-Pop Club is an established club created by students for students under the RMIT Creative Clubs.
Our club is designed to help all students with similar interests in Korean Pop Music & Korean Culture to come together in a community where we can be expressive without any judgement!

As a result, we host a variety of social & online gatherings/activities in which we can network in an enjoyable way!

We also provide students with a variety of social platforms where they can converse amongst each other and seek support in topics about Korean Pop Music & Korean Culture.

If you are interested in joining the RMIT K-Pop Club, please follow the membership steps below to become part of our welcoming community.

Membership steps:

The RMIT K-Pop Club membership entitles you to attend all our social & online events, discounts for Korean Food & Beverages, K-Pop albums & merch and so much more.

If you plan to join our club as a member, the following steps are as follows:
1. Click the “Join or Renew” button.
2. There are two options, one for RMIT students - $5 & one for non-RMIT students $7.50.

I hope this answers all your questions and feel free to contact us about anything else through our “queries” channel on our Discord or shoot us a message on either of our Facebook/Instagram pages.

Keep up to date with us on our social media platforms! ❤️


Hope to meet you soon! ~