About Us

About Us

Dreaming Big at the Catwalk Club

Executive Committee:
  • President: Rosanna Li, RMIT MA Design (Fashion) Student
  • Publicity Officer: Kumari Pelsoczy, RMIT BA Fashion Design Technology Graduate
  • Treasurer: Georgia Devlin, RMIT BA Fashion Design Technology Graduate
  • Secretary: Sybilla Marchingo, RMIT BA Honours Program Student

Supporting bodies:
  • RMIT Creative 
  • RMIT School of Fashion and Textiles
The Catwalk Club is belongs under RMIT Creative (formerly RMIT Link Arts), a network of Arts Collectives which form part of Student Amenities, enhancing overall student life. The Catwalk Club also receives support from RMIT School of Fashion and Textiles.

The Catwalk Club was started by a group of fashion design students in response to a number of identified needs of fashion students which also translated into benefits for other students. The Club promotes collaboration between fashion and other disciplines.

Club email:  catwalkclub@rmit.edu.au

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Kumari, Georgie and Rosanna planning the Catwalk Club 2018