Yoga & Meditation

We aim to help students deal with today’s chaotic urban world. Our sessions involve relaxing music meditation, yoga sessions for a healthy body and weekly vegan food to highlight living in harmony with nature as well exciting well-being seminars.

What we Offer!

Wellness on Wednesday!

It’s the best Veg/vegan food on campus just for Free! every Wednesday at 12PM. Fresh veggies, healthy grains, sauces, spices and love all mingled together to create taste-bursting joy that will enrich your life. Weekly lunches provide rice, curry and puddings.

Hatha Yoga on Campus

Yoga is one of the oldest forms of physical exercise to strengthen your posture, endurance, life systems and spiritual progress. The ancient world can trace its origin to India. Still, over the last 10,000 years, people all around the world have adopted it as the most authentic, powerful and sublime system of achieving perfection. Yoga allows you to connect with your breath, body & mind. It is the reset button you need to slow down, decompress, increase productivity and improve focus. Let’s do it together!

Unroll your mats for a 60 minutes yoga flow with Bhakti every Thursday at 7 pm. It is suitable for beginners and seasoned practitioners.  Along with Hatha Yoga stretches you will also do some breathing exercises and gentle stretches to open up the shoulders and upper back.

Contact: Sasidharan


Place: 08.03.28

Time: 7:00pm

Bhatki Vibes ( Kirtan Meditation, Talk and Dinner )

Every Thursday at 4:30 pm – it’s a free event!

Bhakti Vibes is MANTRA MEDITATION, WISDOM and FUN! Here you will experience a taster of the Bhakti lifestyle with music mantra meditations known as kirtan, wisdom presentations from our staff, practitioners or special guests and to top it up, a heart-warming dinner for all at the end! Step into the Bhakti vibes and experience the natural bliss of Bhakti!

What to expect?
The goal of mantra meditation/kirtan is not just to free our minds of stress, anxiety or fear, however,  the goal is to experience transcendental bliss and connection.

It’s a 5000-year-old Bhakti yoga tradition known as kirtan that uses music and healing mantras to free yourself of stress and anxiety. You can think of it as Spiritual Concert which has a powerful healing effect on us – physically, mentally and spiritually. It is the combination of powerful ancient spiritual sound vibrations and beautiful musical tunes that will transform and uplift your consciousness.

A natural way to meditate with live music and mantras. Mantra uses specific words or sounds embedded with the potency to free the mind, as well as live music, in a collective call-and-response style and dance to the rhythm of the soul. A great way to relax, rejuvenate and recharge and no musical skills or prior experience is required.

Wisdom Talk
Our guest speakers help the participants to equip themselves with lifestyle techniques and wisdom culture to live a positive and uplifting lifestyle aimed at personal growth. Our speakers share experiences from their own life journeys and the wisdom from ancient yoga texts with practical relevance.

Vegan Dinner and Dessert
A delectable all-you-can-eat  Vegan dinner marks the end of the session.  Make new friends while relishing mouth-watering food! And the best thing is, it's free!!!

Contact: Mohan


Place: Kirrip Place, Level 6, Garden Building

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