Snow Sports Club

A fun university club that loves vibes, adventure and our community.

If you are looking for a group that will be down to explore the mountains; through shredding/falling down, picking each other up, parties and new friendships - RUSS is for you!!

Come one, come all! And welcome to the RUSS lyfe. Below we will give you a geez into what sort of antics we all get up to throughout the year..

On the mountain

Our first love as a club is all things snow, and because of that we end up spending a lot of time up at various mountains across Australia. We do this by facilitating the most fantastic, fab and frothed up group trips for both beginners and advanced shredders. These trips to various mountains (such as Mt Buller, Mt Hotham, Falls Creek etc..) are always super memorable trips with group skiing/boarding throughout the day and the most rad parties at night.

In 2023, our trips calendar looked like:

Summer trips:

  • Oh-Weekend! (Mt Buller)
  • Summer Sesh (Mt Buller)

Winter trips:

  • Season Kickoff (Mt Buller)
  • Frotham (Mt Hotham)
  • Holy Hotham (Mt Hotham)
  • VIC IV's aka Inter-Uni Competition (Mt Buller)
  • Falling Head 'over Heels (Falls Creek)
  • RUSS Worldwide (Queenstown, NZ)
  • Radical Snow Expedition (Mt Buller)
  • RUSS Retro Trip (Mt Buller)

2024 Trips Calendar will be announced early in Semester 1, stay tuned on the socials for the drop!

Off the Mountain

We are so much more than just a ski club, and many of our members are a part of the crew just for the vibes. This is because back in Melbourne RUSS runs an absolute muck; from themed parties and pub crawls, to wholesome adventure activities. RUSS creates a community that promotes connection, mates and more.

To give you an idea, some of our 2023 Events Included:

  • O-Week Pub Crawl
  • Upsurge (New Guernica private party)
  • Inter-Uni Booze Cruise
  • Trivia Night
  • Ice Skating
  • RUSS University Snow Ball
  • Inter-Uni Snow Ball
  • Rock climbing
  • Pizza Night
  • Private Movie Nights
  • Club Nights
  • Pub Golf

And many, many more..

Contact & More Info

The best way to stay updated / check out the vibes, is to stalk our socials..

Or feel free to drop us a line on our email:

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