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A community, a family, that is always supporting one another growth in the sport we love.

About us

The RMIT basketball club is based at Victoria University for the convenience of city-based campus students. We offer casual training sessions followed by casual pick-up, on Wednesday and Friday nights, all held at 'Victoria University, Footscray Park campus, Building L, Level 1 (6:30pm to 8pm)'.  

On Friday night, more organized team training drills for competitive registered teams is offered fortnightly for men and on the opposite fortnights for girls. Casual training is still offered on these nights. Two courts are hired to cater for all skills on Friday night.

We are currently registering as many teams as possible for the upcoming MCBA Sunday night and Sunday night only over the winter tournament. Try-outs are on the 10th and 24th of April for men, and the 17th for girls. Teams will be finalized this coming 24th at the end of the training, and spots are limited. MCBA is held at MSAC in Albert Park, and an additional separate payment is collected for those who made it on teams and choose to play competitively.

For those who were unable to show during try-outs, please email us for arrangements.

For Rep Ball, for more information please follow this link:

We are welcoming new members to join our Club for 2023! Please join our Facebook for announcements.
Please contact us via email: if you would like to attend a training session and/or Join a team.

Wednesday and Friday - Victoria University, Footscray Park campus, Building L, Level 1 (6:30pm to 8pm) 
For any changes with training/ example cancellation cause of event held or public holidays, will be updated through our club Facebook page.What to expect at training...

We begin by emphasizing the importance of conditioning. We begin by warming up, doing dynamic stretches, jogs and sprints. We then follow up with a lists of drill. The list will focus on a certain skill or two, whether is dribbling, passing, boxing, shooting, or defending. We then finish of the night with scrimmages. On Friday night, for more organised team, we run and practice game scenarios, testing game sense and knowledge.

We cater for all levels of skill, so no need to worry if you're a first timer, we have great coaches to help you learn the basics as well as push you to improve!

Our Competition schedule is as follows...

Mondays: 6-11pm (Mill Park) - Men's only (1 team)
Wednesdays: 6-11pm (MSAC) - ONLY Mixed
Thursdays: 6-11pm (MSAC) - ONLY Men's teams available
Sundays: 4:30-10pm (MSAC) - Men's teams available  Women's Teams coming soon

Summer (October-April) and Winter (April-October) seasons

Social Events

In the process of organising club events.

Club events will fall on a Friday to replace training. Most events will be free or charged at a minimum for members. Non-members are also welcome but will be charged an additional $10 entry fee to whatever members are charged.

Events idea:

  • 3pts contest
  • Mega knockout
  • Field Day
  • 2k night
  • Awards Night

If interested in helping to organise any events for the club, please feel free to contact us by email. Any help is appreciated.

Membership Fees (twice yearly)
RMIT students $35
Past RMIT and Non students $55
Competitive play Registration: $210 per player (Cover all payments for the entire season except $40 Basketball Victoria Fee)
Payment links are now up.

Membership payments must be made to show up for training after the 24th of March

Competitive play Registration of $210 per player must be made before the 9th of April.

The following are annotation on how payments are made:

$70 - Uniforms (Singlet & Shorts)
$40 - Uniforms (Singlet only)
Please contact the club first before putting payments for uniform. Uniform are only ordered together in bulk, so if there's not enough bulk order, no order can be made.

Wayne Oliver (Secretary) 
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RMIT Sport Clubs commit to the Redbacks pledge of Pride to call for LGBTQIA+ inclusion in sport.