Old Paradians Football Club and RMIT have formed an affiliation that will provide a football club for RMIT students wishing to compete in men's competition in Melbourne

The Old Paradians Football Club was formed in 1929 as a member of the Victorian Amateur Football Association (VAFA).

The club has extensive use of the Parade College facilities, which include several football ovals and a gym. The club prides itself on being a family-orientated, and community-minded club, welcoming footballers of all levels, and non-football people from all backgrounds. The club aims to promote a strong culture of inclusivity with Parade College, and will strive to do so with RMIT.

Students playing for teams in the Men's league will be playing as Old Paradians, students playing in the Women's league will be playing as an RMIT/ Old Paradians partnership team.


The Old Paradians Football Club is located at Parade College in Bundoora. Our summer training facilities are at the Collins Oval at the front of Parade College, with regular season training and matches at our main ground, which is the Garvey Oval.

Getting there by public transport:

Parade College is accessible by the number 96 tram along Plenty Road, and also various bus routes passing the front of the College.


Please contact the club directly to register and inquire about membership fees, The club operates with the structure of a free player membership with each player responsible with sourcing their own sponsorship for the season 


Damian Hannam




IG. @oldparadiansafc

Twitter. @oldparadiansafc