COVID-19 Club Return to Play

COVID-19 Club Return to Play

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RMIT Student Life Return to Play Application Procedure 

Effective November 16 2020. This procedure will be adjusted as current advice changes.  

Current Situation 

RMIT has suspended all Student Life club and program activities. There is now the opportunity to submit an application to restart your sport or creative activity. Approval will be dependant on a number of elements.   

Many of you will have received information from your state sporting organisation or other governing body about how your activity is going to return. However there are many considerations including the Victorian Government and RMIT’s current position along with other additional requirements to consider based on the nature of your club situation.  

Its important to note that from the outset, the health, safety and wellbeing on our students, staff and club members has always been our priority and is at the centre of all our decision making. The return to campus and club activities will be a gradual one, staged and carefully planned based on government advice and our own assessments. 

As we transition activities back to action, Victorian Government restrictions may be reinstated at any time dependent on the advice of the Chielf Health Officer. RMIT will review its position regularly based on Victorian Government restrictions and advice from the Chief Health Officer.  

Return to Play Process 

Clubs can submit an online application form, a risk assessment ( and any additional supporting information if applicable. Eg. State sporting body guidance and / or proof that your activity venue / facility is open and able to host your clubs activity.  

Once fully completed, the application form, risk assessment and any extra supporting information will be reviewed by RMIT Student Life. If changes are required then feedback will be provided and resubmission will be required. Clubs are to manage training and activities as per the plan developed in the online application form.  

Clubs are also required to maintain accurate membership lists to assist with insurance requirements and accurate attendance lists to assist with contract tracing should the need arise.  

Please note, applications are based around a location. Eg. Bushwalking at Lorne. If Clubs intend to do their activities at multiple locations then separate applications are to be submitted for each individual location.  

RMIT Student Life will provide approval in writing as soon as possible after submission. Clubs should not assume a two hour turnaround for approval, it may take a couple of days.  

Clubs should endeavour to share the below links with members 

COVID Safety Coordinator & Infection Control Training 

RMIT Student Life expects all clubs to have at least one COVID Safety Coordinator.  

The Sport Australia website has detailed information about this but the roles and responsibilities can be found here

RMIT Student Life expects COVID Safe Officers to have completed the COVID10 Infection Control Training Online (approximately 15 – 20 minutes) and strongly recommends all club members complete the training too.  

Its also recommended that all club members download the COVIDSafe App.  

If your club has a suspected or confirmed positive COVID19 case of a club member.  

  • Contact your regular contact within RMIT Student Life as soon as possible after becoming aware.  

If a student or staff member is unwell and think they have contracted COVID-19, they should follow the relevant Victorian Government advice on the actions they should take.  

In the event of a positive case of COVID-19 relating to a student, staff member or visitor to the University, the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) will be the primary source of guidance on actions to be taken.   

All actions following the confirmation of a positive case will be at the direction of DHHS. RMIT may be asked to provide the following information in relation to the impacted person:  

  • Information on the set-up of the facility / location the person may have visited when they were considered contagious including size and layout of rooms, number of people in the room, length of stay in the room or facility. 

  • Names and contact details for individuals who were in the same locations.  

DHHS will make an assessment of this information as part of their contact tracing process and will then provide guidance to RMIT on the following:  

  • Confirming any likely exposure to other staff or students on or off campus.  

  • Identifying the control measures that need to be in place such as short-term room, building or facility closure to ensure adequate cleaning.  

  • Confirming what, if any, communication is required to club members. 

RMIT On Campus Facilities 

As RMIT is currently closed, spaces on campus usually utilised by clubs are off limits until further notice. This includes but is not limited to 

  • Building 8, Level 2 and 3 

  • Building 47 

  • A’Beckett Square Basketball courts 

RMIT Sports Centre – Indoor and Outdoor Facilities 

The RMIT Sports Centre will be reopening shortly.

RMIT Clubs who wish to utilise the facilities should make contact with the RMIT Sport Officer (Clubs) in the first instance and follow the return to play procedure in order to have their activity approved.  
Further information can be found here:  

Additional Requirements 

  • ‘Get in, Train, Get Out’. All clubrooms, bars, changing rooms with the exception of toilets are CLOSED and not to be used until further notice.  

  • Clubs cannot commence activities until approved in writing by RMIT Student Life 

  • Clubs must provide updates as appropriate 

Any club / user group / student / club member in breach of these protocols may result in all clubs and programs being shut down for a period of time along with disciplinary action.  

Latest RMIT Info: 

In the first instance, for any questions or concerns please contact Jack Arnold via or 03 9925 9757.