Mates at RMIT

Students helping students to settle into university life

Get involved in our huge range of sport, creative and social programs.

We understand that meeting new people at university can be a daunting ordeal. We have created several avenues that aim to make this process easier, more friendly and accessible for you. There are many ways we connect you with other students.  
One of the best ways to settle into RMIT student life is to learn from those students that have lived experiences. We have student leaders who are passionate about helping other students transition into university life, no matter where you are on your RMIT University journey or where you are located in the world. We encourage you to reach out to our community of leaders. 

Connect with the Mates community at:

Instagram: @matesatrmit
Discord (Join us for weekly games session) 
Melbourne Experiences:

Check out Mates Melbourne Experiences here (online as well!).

Mates: Self Practice - Mindfulness Online Workshop

Perfect for those looking to expand their existing ideas around rituals, creativity and mindfulness practices and connect with likeminded peers.

Mates: In the Garden 1 - Online workshop by CERES

Presented by CERES, will help you prepare for growing vegetables this spring, whether you have a large, small or balcony garden.

Mates: In the Garden 2 - Gardening in small spaces

Transform a balcony, courtyard, patio or windowsill into a hugely productive garden.