Underwater Club

A social community of SCUBA divers enjoying Australia's rich marine environment

**Welcome to the RMIT Underwater Club!** We are a SCUBA club associated with RMIT that have been making a splash in Victorian waters for over 45 years! We are a community of people who share a common love for the beauty and wonder below our amazing oceans. The club is a great opportunity for divers of al levels, from beginners to experienced divers to enjoy the great diving Victoria and beyond has to offer. While we exist under the RMIT Sport and Recreation umbrella we are open to the wider community, be it alumni or a random SCUBA diver that found us on google! **Where?** All around Australia! Well we try our best to…......... The majority of our trips tend to see us around the Eastern coast of Victoria through to the Southern coast of NSW. We frequent places such as Phillips Island, Wilsons Promontory, Cape Conran, Eden, Jervis Bay etc. On occasion we do ventured west to Mt Gambier and Ewan’s Ponds. Rarer trips have seen us to the remote Queensland islands of North West Island and Lady Musgrave Island! With many more locations both new and old on the agenda! And of course closer to home we dive all around Port Phillip Bay, beyond Port Phillip Heads and around Western Port! **When?** Whenever you want! The club goes out whenever, YOU, the members decides it does! The club dives all year round! Although interest seems to mysteriously wane over the winter, wonder why……...... Some dates to keep an eye out for besides every hot summer weekend is the Easter long weekend and the Melbourne Cup long weekend. Every year without fail, the club will head somewhere different for Easter and always Wilson’s Prom for Melbourne cup. Another interesting time is around the Australian Winter Solstice. Around this is when the Spider Crab Migration, now made famous by David Attenborough’s Blue Planet 2, is expected to occur annually. **How do we do this?** The club fortunately has its own boat called “Still A Shambles” along with many sets of SCUBA equipment that are free to use by members *(Terms & Conditions apply)*. In addition to *Shambles*, tanks, regulators, and BCD’s, the club also has its own compressor, for tank fills in remote locations! **Why join us?** By being a non-commercial dive club, we don't charge any service fee and are able to keep operational cost low. Additionally the club is able to frequent locations where no commercial operator currently operates. However the no service fee does mean there will be no boat boys helping you put your fins on! The community spirit of everyone pitching-in, provides you with the opportunity to learn skills that might otherwise only be acquired if you worked for a dive company! Such as boat handling skills, dive planning, trip organising, dive safety, tank filling, compressor maintenance, boat maintenance etc. When you dive with us, you will have the opportunity to try your hand at under-water photography, reef diving, wreck diving, drift diving etc. We meet socially as a club at the RMIT City campus once a month, where we discuss club business, plan dives, listen to guest speakers or watch dive videos. Swing by and say hi, these meetings are great opportunity to meet fellow members of the club before you commit to spending time in picturesque coastal locations with us! **Contact us at:** rmitunderwaterclub@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/rmituc/ https://www.rmituwc.org/contact **P.S.** While we are unable to provide any formal training, we are more than happy to assist you in beginning or progressing your SCUBA adventures! ____________________________________________________________________________________ For more information please check out our website: www.rmituwc.org You can also find us on Instagram - [@rmituwc][1] _________ ![enter image description here][2] **[RMIT Sport Clubs commit to the Redbacks pledge of Pride to call for LGBTQIA+ inclusion in sport.][3]** [1]: https://www.instagram.com/rmituwc/ [2]: https://rmitlink.rmit.edu.au/files/PIS_sliderFB1go.jpg [3]: https://www.rmit.edu.au/students/student-life/sport-and-fitness/inclusive-sport