Underwater Club

Underwater Club

The club is the best way for both beginners and advanced divers to enjoy social SCUBA diving with new and old friends.


Welcome to the RMIT Underwater Club. We have been operating at RMIT for over 30 years, and we are one of the largest and most active dive clubs around.

Our club is all about people who share a common love of the beauty and wonder beneath the seas. The club is the best way for both beginners and advanced divers to enjoy SCUBA diving with friends, socialise and interact with our rich marine environment.

We have a large dive boat called Shambles and many sets of SCUBA equipment that are ready to be used by members. We are affiliated with local SCUBA dive shops and schools who offer great discounts for RMIT Underwater Club members.

As a certified SCUBA diver you can participate with us in a wide variety of diving adventures around the bay here in Melbourne, or on our many trips to diving locations around Australia. Whether you’re an international or a local student, you can experience some of the best diving adventures you will find anywhere in the world. You can even join as a non-student.

We rely on a 'pitch-in and help' attitude, so that we can keep the costs down and maintain a sense of fun and recreation in all our activities. We have a diverse range of members, skills and experience.

Take the opportunity to increase your experience and abilities by learning from people in the club. You can learn boat handling skills, dive planning, trip organising, underwater photography and dive safety.


Club members can borrow club equipment and go diving on “Still A Shambles”, the club's large dive boat. We try to keep everything low-cost and affordable – our fees are amongst the lowest of any dive club in Victoria. We have tanks, regulators and BCDs to borrow. We even have an air compressor so you can get cheap air-fills.

The RMIT Underwater clubs conducts dives year round, please contact us to find out when the next scheduled dive will be.

We are a very active and sociable lot. We dive regularly on weekends and run trips to different locations throughout the year, particularly during semester breaks and holidays. The club's compressor allows us to choose remote diving locations, dived only by those with similar resources (the compressor is also available for weekend diving). Some of the locations that have been visited are Wilson's Promontory, Eden (NSW), Mt Gambier and the remote Queensland Island (North West Island) – our most adventurous dive-camping trip so far.

When you dive with us, you can try under-water photography, reef diving, wreck diving and drift diving. We dive regularly out of Sorrento, which gives as access to a vast number of different dive sites in Port Phillip Bay and outside the Heads. There are hundreds of shipwrecks around Victoria, and most are around the Heads area. A day of diving – usually on Sundays – will generally include two to three dives.

We meet socially as a club on the City campus once a month, where we discuss club business, plan dives, listen to guest speakers or watch special dive videos.

Jack McQuinn


For more information please check out our website: www.rmituwc.org

You can also find us on Instagram - rmituwc