Surfing Club

Surfing Club

The RMIT Surf Club has a rich history of mixing fun and surfing. Join and get involved.


G'day beach bums,

The RMIT Surf Club is back for 2021!!! Because we all missed out on a year of what would have been one of the best years planned to date, we are so ready to send it extra hard and have one of the biggest, craziest years yet in 2021, so get your knarly arses into gear and join the grooviest club ever seen at RMIT.

We're running a heap of camps throughout the year for everyone to get down to the beach and enjoy the sun, surf and some partying. All levels are welcome from beginner to mad wave shredding friends. We'll also be throwing some crazy parties throughout the year!!!

Membership fees have been set at $30 for RMIT students. $45 for non-RMIT students, and for those past members who missed out on our year of fun last year because of covid (yep, all of us) we will be giving free membership to those who have already paid in 2020!

Camps will be advertised on Facebook and via the RMIT Link email list. Camps include boards and wetties, insurance, dinner and booze! Get amongst it!!! Unfortunately we can't take you if you're not a member...

To join the club click on the Join button above or just send us an email to letting us know you’re interested and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to email us!


The RMIT Surfing Club operates all year round, even in the cooler months. Please contact the club for information about upcoming events.

The RMIT Surfing Club travels to different beaches around Victoria to catch a wave, including Cape Paterson, Wye River, Waratah Bay, Lorne, Apollo Bay and Phillip Island

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