Snow Sports Club

Snow Sports Club

If you have a passion for hitting the slopes and shredding with a bunch of ski-bums on the mountain and partying off the mountain, RUSS is absolutely the club for you! Stay home and stay safe so we can shred the slopes again ASAP


COVID-19, Cancel Culture & 2020
We are all living in unprecedented times and thus recreational activities and hobbies are taking a backseat. However, RUSS is more than just the snow-sports and events, we are a community and are looking so forward to the other side of this pandemic and will be doing our bets to stay connected and invite new people into our family throughout this difficult time.

Below we have listed a mixture of information about what we NORMALLY get up to all year and what we can do in 2020 (the year of letdowns).

On the Mountain
Our aim as a club is to get you out on the snow as often as possible, and we do this by including various trips for both beginner and advanced shredders, making the most of our very short winter here in Australia. Our snow trips often include shred sessions throughout the day and some rad parties at night, which is why we like to call our club #1!

Our trips include a beginner’s trip for the beginner shredders where we organise everything for you and introduce you to the snow. We also have casual weekends for all ability levels and the opportunity to compete at Mt Buller VICIVs.

Off the Mountain
We’re more than just a ski club, as we love a good party. We run several social events throughout the year which run before the snow season begins, during the snow season and in
summer. Our events for 2019 included:

  • BBQ Night
  • Information Night
  • Orientation Pub Crawl
  • Beer Pong Tournament
  • Summer Hike
  • Formal evening (Suit & Tie opportunity)
  • Pizza & Movie Night
  • Rock Climbing Day
  • Dumpling Dinner
  • Sponsor (Snow Monkey) VIP Night

And more!

In 2020 we were able to host our infamous Start of Year Pub Crawl before everything got locked down and had a crew of over 150 marching around Fitzroy. We are looking so forward to catching up with all our beautiful members and extended friends as soon as it is safe to do so.

Sadly the closure of Mt.Hotham for the forseeable future in 2020 has put a halt on us running our usual trips. Currently Mt.Buller is still open but with the current COVID-19 situation in Melbourne we can't make it possible to facilitate our usual trips until the situation improves.
Our 2020 Trip Calendar was....

Beginners Trip #1 (Hotham)
VICIV's 2020 (Buller)
Beginners Trip #2 (Hotham)
Perisher (Perisher)
Frotham (Hotham)
Springtember (Buller)

Beginners #1 & VICIVs have had to be cancelled and we are assessing the situation regularly to update members abut the remaining trips.

Please message us via facebook or email if you have any enquiries


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