Phoney Film Festival

Phoney Film Festival

Phoney Film Festival
Everyone has a phone these days and most of them have cinema quality cameras in them! With so many RMIT students all with complex and interwoven stories, we thought it was time to get some of those stories on film and onto the big screen as part of the Phoney Film Festival - to be held in Early 2019!

We're looking for films made on a mobile phone of any genre. Tell us a story! Submissions are currently open!

Submit your film here!

Does making a film sound daunting? We're with you.. but it doesn't need to be. Just in case, we're running three workshops to help you get your film idea from your brain, onto your phone, then onto the screen.

Workshop 1 - From idea to iPhone - Friday 3 August

So you have an idea for your mobile phone movie. Great. How the heck do you get it from idea to the screen?
You're going to need to do a few things before you whip the phone out. This workshop will take you through the list and give you some ideas for streamlining the process by making creative and logistic decisions.
Scripts, storyboards, shotlists, crew, catering will all be discussed in this fun workshop, aimed at getting your movie made.

Workshop 2 - Can Camera - Friday 17 August
So it turns out a lot of you are walking around with cinema quality movie cameras in our pockets.
We probably take them for granted, or had no idea of what they were capable of.
Come along to our second Phoney Film Festival workshop where we'll be showing you some of the best camera hacks, basic video skillz and how to get your footage looking like it was shot by the pros.
You'll walk out saying you can camera.

Workshop 3 - Don't Fret the Edit - Friday 7 September
So you've shot your masterpiece. You filmed that one scene 173 times until Shelley Duvall had a nervous breakdown. It's time to edit. This is where you make or break your film.
We're going to show you some crafty tips and fiddles to have your film looking and sounding amazing.
Whether you want to edit in camera or on the computer, we'll show you how you can bring your film together and ready to submit to Phoney Film Festival.

That's a wrap.

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Photos by Sarah Lay + Ben Andrews