Literature Society (L.O.R.E.)

A social club for like-minded people who love to read and write. Join us for discussions, games and competitions!

Welcome to L.O.R.E., a literature collective dedicated to the readers, writers, poets, and bibliophiles of RMIT. We’re a community for connecting friends and nurturing the creativity and passion for literature in all of us. Whether you’re a dedicated bookworm, or just like reading once in a while, this is the place for you. We're an open book (ha!)

2021 Table of Contents:
(1) Books of the month and club discussions
(2) Casual game nights and catch-ups
(3) Writing competitions
(4) A dedicated Discord server
(5) Lectures by authors and publishing professionals
(6) In-person events (we hope!)

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Formerly The Hungry Minds Literature Collective