Fencing Club

Fencing Club

RMIT Fencing Club aims to create a welcoming, inclusive and diverse club for participants in the Olympic sport of fencing.


Members can participate in introductory programs, structured comprehensive training for beginner to elite fencers, club competitions and social events. If you’re new to the sport or experienced, we’ve got you covered. Come find out whether you swash or buckle when someone puts a sword in your hand!


We welcome new members throughout the year! Please contact us if you would like to attend a session or to know more about the club.

If you are new to fencing, you can book in to try our ‘Have a Go’ sessions on Monday nights (6:00pm) and Saturdays (12.30pm) - this session is free with your RMITFC membership! Make sure you email us to book in your session, so we can arrange a coach for you!

Once you've had your introduction to fencing, one of our coaches can sign you up for a 5 week Sabre Starter program held on Mondays 6:00pm-7:00pm. For RMIT students it's discounted from $125 to $60!

If you have fenced before and want to jump straight into training, you get a free week of training (3 sessions!) with your RMITFC membership! Our training times and program are detailed below.


Location: Carlton Gardens Primary School, Performing Arts Centre, 215 Rathdowne St, Carlton

Mondays - 6:30pm to 9:00pm
Wednesdays - 6:30pm to 9:00pm
Saturdays - 12:30pm to 3:00pm

What to expect at training:

Our fencing coaching is delivered by crossXswords, who provide expert coaches to deliver comprehensive training for all skills, experience and abilities. Training sessions include:

  • Warm Up, including agility, strength & conditioning and dynamic flexibility
  • Footwork, including exercises to improve technique, mobility, change of direction and understanding of distance and tempo
  • Group Lesson & Drills, including working 1-on-1 with our experienced coaches and in partnered drills to improve bladework, accuracy, tactics and technique
  • Bouting, including tactical scenarios, general bouting and competitive bouting

Social Events:

We hold a number of formal and informal social events throughout the year, including dinners, barbecues, friendly comps and more!

Membership Fees:
- $10 for RMIT students
- $20 non-RMIT students

Regular Training Fees:
- $12.50 casual visit; $95 for a 10 class pack; or $180 for a 20 class pack

Equipment provided


Wesley Grey (President)
Mobile: 0420 795 750
Email: fencing.club@rmit.edu.au

enter image description here RMIT Sport Clubs commit to the Redbacks pledge of Pride to call for LGBTQIA+ inclusion in sport.