Creative and Game Jams

Creative and Game Jams

Blue Light Collective will be running Creative Jams throughout the year! These are an opportunity to network, build skills, and have some fun amidst the stress of the semester.

What is a Creative or Game Jam?

A 'Game Jam' or  'Creative Jam' is a kind of 'Hackathon' - a sprint-like event in which digital media developers congregate to work on individual projects in a short amount of time.
Typically, the Game and Creative Jam hosts will give the event a theme, and attendees will get together in groups of 2-5, or work alone, to produce a videogame, Boardgame, Animation, Comic etc in the span of around 24-48 hours. Attendees can either work remotely or stay for the duration of the jam, oftentimes sleeping at the venue or at accommodation with their team-members.
Important: Blue Light Collective cannot guarantee accomodation and does not endorse the use of campus equipment or grounds after approved hours.

When are you hosting the next Creative and Game Jam?

We haven't confirmed any dates for our Creative Jams yet, but we expect to run them at least once a semester. 
Can anybody attend?
Blue Light Collective's events are, for the most part, members only. Joining the collective is free and simple! However, if you'd like to bring along a friend outside of the collective just let us know so that we can keep track.
​Can I go home or take a break?
Blue Light Collective strongly encourages participants to take breaks and to get some sleep - it is unhealthy to work with an 'all-nighter' attitude. Communicate with your team when you need to take a break.

Do I have to make something?
Not at all! If you'd like to attend the Creative Jam and just hang out that's perfectly fine. So long as you don't distract any of the participants that are working hard.

Do I have to stay for the duration of the jam?
If you would like to attend a Game Jam but aren't able to stay for the entire duration, perhaps you should consider working remotely with a group over the internet. Additionally, members that don't want to participate are welcome to pop in to see what everybody is working on.

"I'm not good at 'x' or 'y' - what do I do!?"
Game jams aren't about being the best at everything you do. In reality, they're fairly messy, but fun! There will be a mix of experienced and inexperienced developers, take this as an opportunity to socialise and work with someone new on something innovative and experimental.
Do I need to have an idea formed beforehand?
This is entirely up to you! We advise everyone to come to the jam with a fresh mind and some basic ideas to suggest to your teams. Take some time at the start of the jam to develop your idea together.
Can I use work from a previous project?
Typically, it goes against the spirit of the jam to use work you have produced beforehand. Projects are to be created cooperatively and entirely within the Game Jam's time constraint. Although, using some simple code or asset shortcuts to save time is acceptable.