About us

About us

Who we are
Blue Light Collective operates under the umbrella of RMIT Creative (formerly RMIT Link Arts), a division of RMIT University focussed on enriching student life. We are also supported by the generous staff and students of the RMIT School of Design.

Executive Committee:
  • President: Alice Jao, BA Design (Animation)
  • Secretary: Audrey Castillo, BA Design (Games)
  • Publicity Officer: Jack Mercuri, BA Design (Games)
  • Treasurer: Morgan Meehan-Lam, BA Design (Games)
You can contact the Executive Committee through our email address: bluelightcollective@rmit.edu.au

What we do

Blue Light Collective provides RMIT students the opportunity to share and learn skills relevant to the digital mediaindustry, as well as networking with other developers, finding collaborators, and giving a platform for members to publicise their projects. We host casual events for members to socialise and discuss their work, and more formal talks where industry professionals talk through their experiences in their profession or projects. We understand that digital media requires a huge range of skills and talents from diverse groups of people, so we think its important for members to get hands-on during workshops, excursions, short classes, and Creative/Game Jams. 

Digital media and interactive media are fields that rely on collaboration and cooperation. Every project requires individuals with different skillsets and experiences in order to successfully complete each stage of production, from pre-production, to development, to publishing and management. It is easy for creatives to feel isolated and struggle with finding other developers to interact and work with - we aim to provide a safe and simple environment for developers to socialise and gain the soft-skills that we all need to succeed.