Games Kitchen

RMIT Games Kitchen invites anyone interested in games and game development to join a welcoming and inclusive space dedicated to the creation, play and discussion of all things gaming!

About the kitchen

The RMIT Games Kitchen rises from the ashes of the Blue Light Collective to open a space where people of vastly varying walks and talks can come together and engage in the play and creation of video games. Become a member to unlock access to exclusive events, merchandise and further access to the Discord to chat, collaborate and have your say on all things Games Kitchen!

What's on the menu for becoming a member?

  • Each membership comes with a complimentary membership pin of our club mascot Señor Garlic! Choose from one of the 2 designs listed below:

  • Gain access to our games library of 400+ games!
  • Discounts on all club events (often this means free entry!)
  • Learn new concepts or advance your existing repertoire of skills through our tips and discussion board, available in our Discord server and other social media.
  • Meet and socialise with other creatives that share your interests in game development, and open the door to future team members and collaborators.
  • Engage with our events, game nights, workshops and presentations planned for the future that you can't find anywhere else in RMIT.

Feel free to join our Discord server or check us out on our socials to stay up-to-date on our public announcements and future events! Everything Games Kitchen can be found in our Linktree.

We hope to see you in the kitchen, chef!

Contact us!

Want to collaborate or simply get in touch with us? Flick us an email at: