BattleBots Club

We are the RMIT BattleBots Club, bringing together students from all disciplines to design, build, and compete with our very own combat bots! Are you passionate about robotics? Join us and unleash your inner innovator!

Welcome to the RMIT Battle Bots Club!⚙️

Calling all RMIT engineers, tinkerers, robot wranglers, and anyone with a passion for invention! Join the RMIT Battle Bots Club, where we ignite the passion for combat robotics! Are you fascinated by the clash of gears and the sparks of innovation? Do you dream of designing and building your own bot to dominate the arena? Or maybe you're simply curious about the future of technology and its potential in the realm of combat robots? This club is for YOU! Here at RMIT BattleBots Club, we welcome anyone with a passion for robotics, regardless of experience level or academic discipline. Whether you're a design guru, a mechanical mastermind, or just a curious mind, we have a place for you!

We Are Currently Looking For...

  • Engineers: Bring your knowledge of building and problem-solving to help design and construct our battle bots. 🏗️
  • Graphic Designers & Artists: Let your creativity loose! Create awesome marketing materials, and help us visually dominate the competition. 👨‍🎨
  • Business & Management Experts: Help us strategize, manage resources, and plan for the future of the club. 🧑‍💼
  • And ANYONE with a passion for robotics! We value every skillset and perspective.🤖

If you have any questions contact us at: