The Catwalk Club is Born!

The Catwalk Club is Born!

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Rosanna Li

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The Catwalk Club is Born!

In late October 2017, a new club idea met with the sharp eyes of RMIT Creative, and BOOM! The Catwalk Club was born.

The Catwalk Club was started by a group of fashion design students in response to a number of needs of fashion students and students from other fields.

It has been said that great things in fashion can happen in the nexus between fields, eg. fashion and science, fashion and electronics, fashion and computer programming, etc. Where is the common channel for these individuals to come together?

The Catwalk Club is part of a bigger group of RMIT Creative Arts Collectives, which all engage in purposeful creative activities.

Student-lead initiatives funded by student fees, leading to truly student-centred decision making!

Who will you meet when you join the Catwalk Club?!

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