Become a part of our ever growing music team!

Take part in one of our free lunchtime classes. Meet new friends and have fun making music!


You might study accounting, but love performing, or are just looking for a place to meet other like-minded creatives.
Perhaps you were forced to learn music as a child, and now want to return to it on your own terms. Want to join a band? Wish to perform to others? We have something for you!

Our music program is steadily growing. If you have an idea or wish to get a group together, contact us!


Current programs:

Turn it Up Busking Program
Turn it Up is a busking program for any student with a talent that they'd like to share with the RMIT community.
Occupying high traffic areas of RMIT Campuses, this roster of student performers benefit from increased exposure, performance experience, and even the possibility of a little bit of coin!

Free Ukulele Classes
It's like a guitar, but smaller. The Ukulele is an excellent instrument for anyone who doesn't play an instrument to build their musical muscles.
Easy to play, easy to learn and easy to transport, the Ukulele sounds great, and is the perfect instrument to begin songwriting and singing along with your friends.
Bring your own, or buy one of our high quality, subsidised instruments.